Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Virtuoso?

It is a consulting firm that provides entrepreneurs the advantage to avail excellent and quality services to improve their businesses. It offers 11 major services. 

2. What is the difference between a Freezone Company and Offshore Company?

Freezone companies are onshore companies located within the the freezone jurisdiction. They are allowed to register on chamber of commerce,  trade within UAE, acquire or rent an office or warehouse and are issued with Trade License, Incorporation Certificate, Memorandum of Association & Share Certificates. While offshore companies are non-resident International Business Companies (IBC), they cannot be registered to Chamber of Commers, it also has no visas, offices, warehouse etc for offshore companies instead, they can have Incorporation Certificate, Memorandum of association and Share certificates.

3.What are the necessary requirements for company formation?

If you long to avail this service, your company must have a bank account opened along with the PO Box, Visa, Telephone and Fax connection.

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4. How long will the completion of Trade License and other Legal documents of a company take?

The span of time on getting a Trade License depends on various factors. Normally it takes 7 days to 15 days for Dubai & Abu Dhabi Freezones while for Northern Emirates Freezones, it takes only 2 days to get the Trade License.

5. Can virtuoso ensure that relevant documents relating to companies can be obtained and kept confidential?

Of course. Virtuoso is a company with a pool of experts. We are experts who can take care of all necessary documents your company needs. We also accept annual retainership whereby all the matters of Company including the renewal of license will be fixed with the given annual cost as stipulated on Retainership Agreement.

6. Is it necessary for business  owners to visit UAE when setting up Company?

It is good for freezone company owners visit UAE even just for a day within sunday-thursday working days. So that documents can be signed for Immigration Card, Residency Visa and Bank account opening.

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