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Transparency and accuracy are guaranteed.

Let Virtuoso do it for you. Been wondering how to make your ideas happen?

Virtuoso is just the right firm for you.  

We got all you need to start your company from plotting your ideas, to developing strategic plan and finally to launching your company. We are in the business of shaping your thoughts, building a good foundation for your company, making things easy for you!

We take care of the following: documents clearing, obtaining approvals from concerned departments, issuing license, processing visas, registration and etc. Virtuoso aims to improve efficiency among businessmen through our wide range of corporate services.


  • Transparency and accuracy are guaranteed. We implement complete transparency with all our partner companies, so you can keep accurate tracking of your budgetary allocation and spending.
  • Our comprehensive service coverage includes documentation of every step of business setup, from start to end, leaving no aspect uncovered. 
  • Get it right the first time and build your company with us. We bring you closer to what you've been wishing for. Virtuoso can provide you with the best start-up plan.
Business Setup Services In Dubai

Our Services

Let Virtuoso do it for you.
Business Consultation

Get it right the first time! Virtuoso can provide you with the best start-up plan

Company Formation

Build your company with us. We bring you closer to what you've been wishing for.

Company Registration

You're in safe hands. We ensure our clients to get updated with the latest Government initiatives, rules and regulations.

Reliable Sponsor

Get credible linkages. Have local partners who have well-established track records to support the business of our clients.

Pro Services

Keeping it pro and legal. UAE Law and Legal procedures are followed appropriately, assuring clients that all documents will be kept in confidential manner.

Visa Processing

Worry-free processing. We got PROs specialized in obtaining and processing large number of visas for large contracting and trading companies.

Documents Clearing

Hassle-free compliance. Virtuoso offers documentary compliance service solutions to clients compiling all the necessary documents needed.

Typing Services

Instant encoding. We also provide typing services for necessary documents before submitting papers to the official and government authorities.

Banking Facilities

Bank introductions check. We have long established relationships with many reputable banks both international and local UAE banks, and as key services to our clients.

Virtual Offices Facilities

Low-cost facilities. Virtual Office is the newest trend mean for investors who wish to keep cost as low as possible.

Corporate Services

Going high. We offer corporate services that will make you on top like Obtaining of Approvals from Ministries & Government Departments Assistance to all Government & Semi-Government work.

Give your company a future through Virtuoso.

Expand your linkages and create a good start for your company!